Autumnal Equinox, 2012

From Bel:

"I am once again crawling back into the womb of the Earth Mother for the colder months... working on writing, recording, living and being... using the darker energies for inspiration and rejuvination, and when the spring blossoms again, I hope to see you out there, on the road, tripping the gypsy path, right along with me.  May the Earth be your gentle guide, may your hearthfires provide you with comfort and bounty, and may the coldest nights find you in the warmest of places...

  ...Blessed Be and Love to All."***

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Here are the lyrics to, and the link for the video of the "Gypsy Song," one of my favorite songs that I recorded with my old band, SONA years ago.  It still holds a grand and shining place in my heart and soul, and I am blessed to have been able to share it with so many amazing souls (and such a wide, generous and inspiring audience) through the wonders of Youtube.  Who knew so many people would find it there, and listen to, and love it!  Thank you to LadyHawke for creating such a lovely video montage...  Some of the lyrics listed here are new, (or recently found from lost) and will likely be included on the new recording of this song... when we get around to finally doing it again!  Blessings to the Goddess and the God for inspiring me to write it, for SONA for creating the absolutely stunning music to accompany it, and most of all, to my beautiful, wayward Gypsy Prince... who ran away with my heart and put this song in its place. 

I will ever fall aslumber sweetly and dream into the dancing along the silk road... holding hands with you there and skipping the path...

to the sound of your gypsy laugh.

Gypsy Song

A lass in a field and a mandolin

Twirling skirts and a dev'lish grin
Palm and soul of Mehandi red
Burgundy going to her head

Beaded veils in the bordello
Sitar sings in the lantern glow
Move to the balalaika strings
Swim in the Buddha dripping springs


Dance with us on a gypsy path
Sing us to sleep with your gypsy laugh
Tell us a tale and ride on the wind
Come and dance to the red violin

Silk is the road where the music flows
Gypsy's hair laced in amber stones
Moves like the light through the water he
Follow the prince of the Romany.

He summons the stars from the very sky

Places a sparkle upon your eye

Lasses swoon as the rhythm comes

Bringing life to the sacred drum


The Dragon leaps from the gypsy’s back

Indigo Firelight and Black

The frenzied cadence of fire trance

Welcome to the gypsy dance

Come, babushka, let us dance


(Watch The Video on Youtube)


Gypsy Song -



Interview with Beltana Spellsinger

December 2010

"Join us for a Pagan musical magickal odyssey with special guest the Mistress of Wolvenwold, Lady Beltana Spellsinger. Music and magick, and discovery of how a Priestess and guardian of the Earth Mother from the Midwest, can follow the music in life, and honor the Gods. It is a great archived interview... Dont Miss It!"

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